11 x 22 Charcoal Checker Wheat Pillow

11 x 22 Charcoal Checker Wheat Pillow


Our pillows are hand finished in NY from fabric printed at a wonderful New England printing factory that does things the old fashioned way, by hand. Ink is created with custom colors we have chosen to coordinate with other "friends" in the collection and are then hand screened on Belgium cotton/ linen. The longer you have it, the softer it gets. This 11 x 22 size is wonderful in a chair for lower back support, on the top of the bed as a fun accessory or in front of larger cushions on a sofa. As you wish! The patterns are easily mixed and matched. The Charcoal Checker looks great with patterns like Hedge Ball and Chain or even something with a modern take on floral like Ink Trellis! 

Shipped with stuffer (95% feather, 5% duck down) A poly-filled stuffer may be substituted. If you prefer no stuffer use code NOSTUFF to get 10% off for just the cover. 

*Note: if a pillow is sold out, please email sales@hableconstruction.com for lead-time updates. 

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